At the end of 2019, the communities of the Upper Murray were devastated by bushfires. Our club was quick to respond and is still responding.

On 2 January we got five semi-trailer loads of urgently needed hay into the area. It quickly became clear that the next priority was the rebuilding of fences, and we identified our role as logistical support for the volunteer fencers who were about to stream in. Since then we have been amazed at the number of local organisations who have generously supplied food and equipment. That has enabled us to set up and operate a camp for the fencers, including a headquarters, kitchen and mess in the grounds of Corryong Recreational Reserve, and the lines of supply from Wodonga.

Morning briefing at fencing HQ Emergency stock feed leaving Wodonga Morning briefing at fencing HQ Morning briefing at fencing HQ Where farmland used to be A team of fencing volunteers Well-earned lunch Police after a shift, about to start fencing Volunteers of all kinds New Layer One particularly generous community donation