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2003 RAWCS Trip - Solomon Islands

In 2003 a team of six went to Munda in the Western Province of the Solomon Islands to rebuild homes housing the staff of the Solomon Island Malaria Control Department in Munda. Malaria still remains as the biggest killer world wide and the Solomon Island is no exception.

The Team consisted of:


  • Doug Gammon (Team Leader)
  • Noel Murrell
  • Jim Woods
  • Mark Slater


  • Jutta Web (Rotaryann)
  • Ian Carter (volunteer)



This 4 roomed house had to be stripped back to its basic framework then completely rewired, re-roofed, relined and re-clad



The result after 2 weeks hard work was a livable and functional home and a very satisfied team

Our Family

Ronald and Nancy graciously opened up their home to us and housed and feed all six members of the team


The Job Begins

The first task was to remove the asbestos sheet external cladding. Jutta follows some basic precautions.

The Workers

Ben, Nicely and Oscar were invaluable in the assistance they gave us on the project


Local Children play in the foreground while Noel and Ian re-roof the house. We were constantly surrounded by children who provided us with endless amusement, as we, no doubt, did to them.


The Unexploded Bomb

During our busy schedule we still managed include a number of adventures including the discovery of an unexploded bomb from W.W.II buried in the road.


The Steel Crocodile

After some initial apprehension Nicely soon learned to master the steel crocodile

The Swimming Hole

At the end of a long hot day nothing was more refreshing.


The scenery, the people, the hospitality and the lifestyle could only be described as perfect.



Home Club Profile Club Projects and Achievements Kiewa Street Market Rotary In Albury Wodonga